Pulsating in vaginal area

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I may be 28 years old, but I'm only recently discovering the wonderful world of vaginas. I mean, I've enjoyed them sexually for a long time, but I never really wanted to know much about my vagina. Sure, we all take the necessary steps when we have an " Is my vagina normal?

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Vulvodynia is often characterized by burning discomfort, itching, throbbing, or tenderness of the vulva - sometimes in the labia, sometimes around the opening of the vagina, sometimes affecting the vestibular glands - which may be experienced either as diffused irritation or as specific painful spots. The group of symptoms is classified by many names, partly because of the ways in which it may present or respond to treatment: vulvar pain syndrome, focal vulvitis, vestibular adenitis, vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, or simply vestibulitis. A surprising number of women suffer from a condition of chronic, unexplainable pain in the skin of the genitals, which has only recently begun to receive public attention and validation as a legitimate complaint.

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Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition that can stop women from being able to have sex, use a tampon or even sit down for long periods of time. It has been described as a painful burning and stinging sensation around the vagina and can feel as bad as like having needles stuck into the skin or even like having an acid burn. And around 16 per cent of women are thought to suffer from it.

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Recently I came across the name of a syndrome which was quite unfamiliar. People with RLS feel uncomfortable sensations in their legs, such as throbbing, pulling, or creeping, especially when sitting or lying down, that are accompanied by an irresistible urge to move the affected limb to help relieve the discomfort. The unusual sensations, called paresthesias or dysesthesias range in severity from uncomfortable to irritating to painful.

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Vulvodynia vul-voe-DIN-e-uh is chronic pain or discomfort around the opening of your vagina vulva for which there's no identifiable cause and which lasts at least three months. The pain, burning or irritation associated with vulvodynia can make you so uncomfortable that sitting for long periods or having sex becomes unthinkable. The condition can last for months to years.

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Back to Health A to Z. Vulvodynia is persistent, unexplained pain in the vulva. The vulva is the female genital area including the skin surrounding the opening of the vagina.

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It can come as quite a surprise to feel a vibration or buzzing in or near your vagina. Our bodies are capable of all kinds of strange sensations, some serious and other less so. And because it can be fleeting and may not present much of a problem, some people may never mention it to a doctor.

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If you have pelvic pain, getting a proper diagnosis is never as cut-and-dried as learning, say, that you have high blood pressure. But unlike in the past—where women had to swear off sex and tight jeans to avoid pain—today more doctors are equipped to help you figure out what's wrong so you can get relief. What doctors now know: Chronic pelvic pain is rarely due to just one problem. Even so, you still need to be your own educator and advocate.


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