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The Salt Lick Lodge is a unique lodge built atop stilts overlooking a waterhole. It is linked by suspended walkways under which elephants potter. Its name is taken from its setting - a natural salt lick which was a congregating place for the neighborhood's salt-hungry residents.

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The combination of wildlife, tourist vehicles and Maasai cattle are destroying the delicate but precious grassland. Park rules now insist that vehicles stick to roads and tracks. Salt Lick Safari Lodge is built on top of stilts overlooking a waterhole located in the heart of private game sanctuary adjacent to Tsavo National Park.

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I've got a lot of people recomending Salt Lick for a good BBQ and special environment, but I understand there is often a long wait there. Anyone knows if its just as bad at lunch time? If we go on a sunday at arround 2pm, mid october how long should we expect to wait?

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Tsavo East is one of the national parks of Kenya that is well known for its unique safari experience. It has been one of the oldest parks of Kenya, since it was found in There is another side to this park which is known as the Tsavo West, the reason why it was divided into east and west was because of a railway passing between these two sides. Also, it is well known as the largest park of Kenya as it covers thousands of kilo meters of land and has almost four gates.

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I have quite a number of family and friends my hubby being one of them who have birthdays in October, and what better way to celebrate them than with a family getaway. When the day for travel came around, I was very excited. We left Nairobi on a Friday at 7 AM.

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Combine the great outdoors with delicious food and you are bound to have an amazing day. Texas, no doubt, has an abundance of both gorgeous nature spots and delicious food. But even after swimming season is over this place is worth visiting just for the sake of taking a look at this wonder of nature.

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Apart from the benefits for humans, salt licks cover up for the sodium deficiencies of animals. When the primal ocean got dried up by the sun, the deposits of various rocks accumulated forming the largest bed on that ocean. It was then in BC that Alexander passed to this area in his quest to conquer the world.

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Sarova Salt Lick, dare we say, is an experience and not just a lodge? Nothing but excellent reviews from every single person who has booked the Jaza Gari travel package on Ticketsasa. What is it about Salt Lick?

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Username or email. Keep me signed in until I sign out. Or, if the famous resident chef had had a bad day and served a sorry imitation of his signature dish.

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When I was a girl I remember licking the salt lick block in the barnyard. I told you not to laugh! I never considered germs or disease, who did back then?