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The singer and her F1 driver boyfriend are very much in love following their couples' holiday. The couple, who have been together mostly sincevisited Venice and New York to mark the special occasion. Lewis, 29, posted some adorably cute pictures of him and his girl in the Italian city and The Hamptons, on his Twitter profile on Monday.

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By Chris Bamberger. Can any of these people have ever seen Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance? Of the 10 films the performers made together, not one is without an Astaire-choreographed dance of either flirtation or seduction, and the most famous are immensely erotic.

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After spending countless hours being primped by teams of makeup artists and hair pros, these perennial partiers have learned a trick or two. Here, their top tips for DIY glam. Despite having 7 million Instagram followers, the Aussie supe and organic skin-care entrepreneur keeps her beauty ritual relatively low-tech.

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For the uninitiated: expect lengthy balancing poses, deep backbends, and sweat pools the size of Crater Lake. This Colorado-based business teaches its booty-building boot camps at more than studios across 13 states, including two Portland locations. Choose between three levels of power vinyasa or opt for our favorite class, Hot Power Fusion, which transforms Bikram's basic class into an engaging minute flow. For the ultimate test, try Yoga Sculpt, which adds free weights, squats, bicep curls, and other strength-training tools to an already challenging vinyasa sequence.

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United States. EDM girls!!! All new members must read forum rules before start to post on forum!!!

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Going to Vegas is probably the last thing I should…ask me if I care. I want to go and surprise my girlfriend and experience sin city for the first time. I want to feel like the old single hot tamale I once was.

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Full Backbend also known as Wheel Pose is one of the most challenging yoga poses because it requires spinal flexibility and a strong upper body in order to lift yourself up. If you love the burn you feel after holding Wheel, then you'll love this push-up variation that will target the upper body, as well as your tush and thighs. Lie on your back.

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It was a move Eden Hoelscher had done hundreds of times before. But when the 5-year-old girl of Palos Verdes, Calif. Kylee, 36, rushed Eden to the hospital, where doctors informed her and husband Nicholas Hoelscher, 37, that the gymnastic bridge a backbend where you push yourself off the floor had turned their spirited, active young daughter into a paraplegic.

In Yoga the Most Important thing is the breath…especially when bruised ribs make it hard to catch your breath. I know that you probably hear the teacher in yoga class that would be me,… if you are coming to my classes drone on and on about how important the breath is. Is it sometimes repetitive just how many times I will encourage my students to breathe? However, it is just that important!


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