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Convergence insufficiency CI is a common disorder of ocular alignment among both children and adults. It is characterized by an exophoria at near fixation and reports of horizontal diplopia and eye strain with prolonged reading. CI is diagnosed on the findings of a remote near point of convergence and decreased fusional convergence at near fixation.

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Convergence insufficiency is a condition in which your eyes are unable to work together when looking at nearby objects. This condition causes one eye to turn outward instead of inward with the other eye creating double or blurred vision. Convergence insufficiency is usually diagnosed in school-age children and adolescents.

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Mary VanHoy. VanHoy practices in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been practicing for over 30 years and hopes to practice for another 30 years!

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Standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, medications or surgery can not fix Convergence Insufficiency. Our eye doctors are experts in the testing, diagnosis and, as needed, the treatment of Convergence Insufficiency with Vision Therapy. What is Convergence Insufficiency CI? Convergence insufficiency CI is a treatable near vision disorder and eye muscle coordination problem that can not be repaired with eye surgery, medications, standard eyeglasses, or contact lenses.

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What is Strabismus? Pros and Cons of Intermittent Exotropia. Treatment of Intermittent Exotropia.

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The purpose of this study was to describe the clinical characteristics and natural history of convergence insufficiency CI in a population-based cohort of adults. The medical records of all adults diagnosed with CI over a year period were retrospectively reviewed. Clinical characteristics and outcomes for adult-onset convergence insufficiency.

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This research quantified clinical measurements and functional neural changes associated with vision therapy in subjects with convergence insufficiency CI. All CI subjects participated in 18 h of vision therapy. Clinical parameters quantified throughout the therapy included: nearpoint of convergence, recovery point of convergence, positive fusional vergence at near, near dissociated phoria, and eye movements that were quantified using peak velocity.

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Above: Carter Hutton, Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender, undergoing convergence testing. Debbie Luk. Under normal circumstances, the eyes must turn inwards to view objects at near. Convergence insufficiency results when an individual has an outward natural or resting eye posture at near which means that they must exert more effort to bring the eyes in while reading.

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Adult patients receiving vision therapy usually fall into one of three groups: those with asthenopia, those with strabismus with or without diplopia and those with amblyopia. Patients with binocular problems find us on the Web, are referred to us for vision therapy or are identified in our practice. Being in the heart of Manhattan, most of our vision therapy patients are adults.

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Convergence Insufficiency CI is characterized by a decreased ability to converge the eyes and maintain binocular fusion while focusing on a near target. Patients often complain of eye strain when reading, closing one eye when reading, or blurred vision after short periods of near work. The etiology of isolated CI, not related to trauma or neurological disease, has not been completely determined.


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