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Because I like birds — and so do countless others. There are very good and understandable reasons why the porn ban has upset so many Tumblr users. Tumblr is also fundamentally different than every other social media platform that exists today. If you know of another platform like that, let me know — I want to sign up for it. You, a Jungkook stan, have all of this at your fingertips. At least one-quarter of my Tumblr feed is just birds. Birblr bird Tumblr was the 11th most active community on Tumblr in

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Selah. Age: 22.
tumblr weird sex

Sure, when you add up the erotic fan art, furry fan art, kink communities, and just straight-up pornography, a pretty significant segment of Tumblr content is was NSFW.

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Katherine. Age: 30.
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The Internet Is Getting Small And Boring. Long Live Tumblr.

Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript. I want to see users continue to dunk on themselves for being anonymous weirdos who never want to leave the beautiful janky site that connects them to equally strange and wonderful people. Contact Cates Holderness at cates buzzfeed. You, a Jungkook stan, have all of this at your fingertips.

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