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bouncing boobs anime
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Naomi in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle has a preposterous bounce animation triggered when the player speaks to her in the laboratory. She even says that they almost popped out of her robe. Fanservice , as her powers only activate when she's naked. Kasuga from Sengoku Basara series anime not only gets bigger boobs than in the game, but they visibly bounce around when she moves quickly. This seemed to be limited to her, until first officer Natarle Badguirel ended up in command of her own ship, whereupon she gained the suddenly bouncing breasts albeit not as dramatically given her modest proportions , as did Flay Alster as part of her crew.

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Faye. Age: 28.
bouncing boobs anime

Ikumi Mito in the anime of Shokugeki no Soma , especially in her usual bikini-top getup.

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Cara. Age: 26.
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She's far from the bounciest female in the series, but she does seem like the kind of girl that would go without a bra in the comfort of her own home which is where she was when that asshole Creed barged in on her. Fanservice , her boobs jiggle on occasion, often to emphasize how jealous the other girls are of her size. Mai Kawakami in the animated adaptation of Myriad Colors Phantom World is probably the bustiest girl on the show, and jiggles quite a bit. Then again, the franchise was originally marketed as Shonen.

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