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If you are looking for those three ingredients for a movie then you will enjoy Wrong Turn 6. Before anybody says anything, despite the series going so drastically downhill they were all seen because every film in a film series deserves a chance regardless of critical consensus. In the realm of sequels or films in a franchise this does not do the series any justcice. What I do know is that this is a series that didn't need one sequel let alone 5. His girlfriend is initially supportive. Admittedly, it's a little slower than the others, but I think the change of pace actually made this a much better film than some of the other sequels in the series. Valeri Milev you almost killed me and I'm sure you will with the 7th movie which will hopefully be the last one

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But don't go in hoping for a return to the schlocky entertainment value of 2 or the genuine terror of the original because you sure as hell won't find either in Wrong Turn 6.

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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) Nude Scenes

There was a nice change of pace in this film. What happened to Doug Bradleys character from part 5?. It is about road trips that end in a blood bath. The BAD GUYS are also laughable and Pathetic,the inbreds looked really cheap looking in this entry,and even the deaths were more hilarious then gruesome like some others were in this movie franchise.

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