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Pink manages to grab the doll before it began to recharge, and Santa kills the Slave Witch by using his sword on a large red orb, which happens to be its heart. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He gives Pink a dress made from the helltiger's fur the next morning, demonstrating how much he cares for her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She brings Anne to Gold and the two of them torture her, and then inserts a Yin Fish into her body. Episode 1 : It begins with Pink being used as a lure to keep a lusty monster named Monster Mage Viken off guard in a cave. The party is victorious and they rescue the captured girls.

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Santa hoped to receive his "suitable reward" by making love to the queen only to get smashed in the head by an angry Pink willing to keep Santa in line.

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This was part of Labia's master plan to also lure out the Yin Monsters hiding in the shadows. The party arrive at Anne and Maruchi's home town of Shioka, where the annual Knight's Festival takes place. In the process, Santa's purse which holds the pearl was lost. As is typical of hentai , many of the damsel-in-distress scenes have a distinct sexual bondage element, as Pink is almost always bound nude and frequently sexually molested in various ways by her captors.

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