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What I want to address first is what ought to be a first principle for anyone reading about claims for discoveries that are supposedly related to the Bible Hebrew or Christian or any religious text, for that matter. Why is that? The purpose was to make a documentary with the film director James Cameron, as Jacobovici believed that it was the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and other members of his family.

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A blog commenting on various aspects of the private collecting and trade in archaeological artefacts today and their effect on the archaeological record. Post a Comment. Jacobovici is now suing anthropologist Joe Zias, formerly of the Israel Antiquities Authority, who in recent years has been criticising the basis for some of his most outrageous claims Nir Hasson, ' Controversy over Jesus' tomb gets to Petah Tikva court ' Haaretz

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Seals of Jeremiah's accusers The Seal of Gedaliah, the son of Pashur, and Seal of Jucal the son of Shelemiah were discovered at excavations near the ruins of th The seals are of 2 of Jeremiah's accusers, as described in Jeremiah Archaeologist Dr.

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Almost all of them have broken new ground or challenged conventional wisdom. The resulting backlash has inured the three-time Emmy Award-winner to criticism. Although many scholars have derided the films as manipulative and sensationalized, only Zias has actually accused him of fraud. And when you make these kinds of allegations, you cross the line.

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The Bible is made up of dozens of books, but tradition has it that the first five books were dictated to Mosesby God. But could Moses have really written down the words that God spoke, including the Ten Commandments? The Bible says that millions of people witnessed this event—but what does archaeology say?

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Skip to: Site Menu Main content. Unfortunately for Simcha, his theory has a problem, and its name is Legion, for they are many. By Robert R.

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Watch The Naked Archaeologist Season 3. DocumentaryHistoryScience. Choose a Streaming Option providers.

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His special program on the History Channel, The Exodus Decodedhas generated much discussion and controversy. In addition to his comprehensive review, Chris also lists several other sites that are related to The Exodus Decoded. But the question remains: Who is Simcha Jacobovici? Jacobovici is an award-winning Canadian documentary director and producer and also a well-published writer and lecturer.

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Inthe family relocated to Canada. He earned a B. He is married and the father of five children.

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Watch The Naked Archaeologist Season 3. DocumentaryHistoryScience. Choose a Streaming Option providers.


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