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The Prince Albert piercing may have been practiced in European culture for some time, and while there are many tentative theories as to its origin, the true origin of this piercing is unknown. Many of the theories regarding this piercing's history suggest that the piercing was used to secure the penis in some manner, rather than having a sexual or cultural purpose. In modern times the Prince Albert piercing was popularized by Jim Ward in the early s.

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As a simple plug, insert the cool steel bulb into your sub, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the three solid Surgical Stainless Steel petals together to maintain the traditional plug shape. To keep this devious device spread open, and your naughty sub from removing their toy, attach the included padlock through the post at the base of the plug. Be in total control of their ass or pussy and get ready to watch them beg!

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Post a Comment. Thursday, 27 May Penis piercing. Do you like piercings?

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Post a Comment. Permission to have Penis Pierced! I remember each time my parents had to sign permission and in most cases pay for me to attend the days outing, sports tour or event that had planned by the school.

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Post a Comment. Piercing didn't really interested me, so after some clicking I closed the site. Some months later, while looking for schools my department is called BME I fell upon the site again and clicked around some. Much of what I saw disgusted me but curious a boy as I am I frequently visited to look, read, learn.

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Praising the uncircumcised penis. A penis with foreskin intact is what all men are entitled to. No culture, religion, doctor, or parent should be allowed to mutilate the penis.

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