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History is stuffed with rumors of strange and secretive Satanic cults. Some of those rumors are nothing more than a load of hot goat's blood, and others are legit Check out the best cults in history, and see if they ever really existed. Ah, Salem.

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It was fueled by claims of Satan worship made up of several components:. Child and sexual abuse. During its time, the SRAS led to many criminal investigations based on little or no evidence of an actual occurrence of satanic activity or any criminal activity whatsoever.

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Would you agree to stand nude in front of a group of strangers while I, clad in black and masked, stood behind you and slingshotted a plateful of raw chicken hearts at you until they raised painful welts? Marina Abramovic appreciates art in ways you would never think of. It was her namesake foundation that thought up the chicken-heart art, about which more below.

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F olk horror sounds like a contradiction in terms, like a blend of Aran knitwear and paranoia, morris-dancing and carnage. Use your bladder! However, a new wave has appeared in the last decade.

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Academic journal article Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal. These observations are based on the reports of former Satanic cult members who are now being treated for some type of dissociative disorder. In "normal" social groups, the primary functions of sex and pregnancy center on perpetuating the gene pool of group members.

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In my forthcoming book Republic of Lies, I spent a lot of time thinking about the primacy of conspiracy theories in America, and talking to people involved in a variety of conspiracy communities. In this section, I attended a rally for Pizzagate believers across the street from the White House, and talked to them as they waited for David Seaman, a star in the movement, to take the stage. Given that she believes the federal government is involved in the sex-ring cover-up, who should do the investigating?

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Was Michelle Smith brutalized by Satan's minions? Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Jim Jones and David Koresh are among the small handful of men who remain even more infamous than the cults they led.

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The couple, who owned a daycare, spent 22 years in prison on the utterly baseless charges that they had served blood to children under their care, forced them to witness infant murders and flown them to Mexico to be raped by soldiers. Throughout the s and s, hundreds if not thousands of other innocent people would fall to varying degrees of similar fates. British Prime Minister Edward Heath was falsely accused of being a member of an underground cult that murdered and ate 16 children.

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I know I am just one among millions of people who feels profoundly dismayed by the realization that the truth has, in our political environment, become as unstable as sand in a high surf. Where I part ways with many of my confreres is that I am acutely aware of another time in our recent cultural history when truth was tossed aside like a worn sock, with devastating consequences. I spent much of the last decade trying to comprehend the disquieting social panic over child sex abuse that roiled communities around the country in the s and into the s because I have a very personal connection to those events. During that era, truth became the victim of paranoia, political ego, over-zealous child advocates and outright fiction.


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