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In the right light my hair can look white, and this gives me a look of innocence. Just a cough from somebody, that echoes around the vaults and columns. My arms are covered in goose pimples. Beside the piano, a lady has been introducing the concert, and now she gestures towards us, and then sort of scrapes and bows her way off the stage. Giles Goat Boy by John Barth. Tessa is squinting a bit nervously at the camera as if it might turn round and lick her face, but she gives us a thumbs-up. Entombed by Linda Fairstein.

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Rosie. Age: 26.
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The thing is that this concert is my first performance since I left the Unit, and my first performance as part of my Second Chance Life.

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Lauren. Age: 28.
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Now, that smooth run of black and white stretching out beneath our hands is everything and I watch his hands as intently as an animal ready to pounce. Entombed by Linda Fairstein. Lucas is staring at it, completely focused, as if it represents a vertical glacier that he has to ascend with his bare hands.

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