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And that she was called a flat-chest at twelve? Shouldn't Tsunade have Senju as her last name because her grandfather is the first hokage and is part if the Senju clan because of that first hokage's name is Hashirama Senju —Preceding unsigned comment added by Anime and manga portal v t e This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Anime and manga , a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of anime and manga related articles on Wikipedia. Nothing is mentioned about Tsunade's slug summon, Katsuyu. Breast Size: cm according to Jiraiya in the latest manga Naruto —Preceding unsigned comment added by If Tsunade is the grandaughter of the First Hokage then shouldnt she posses the ability to use Mokuton techniques and tailed-beast control? What is the story with the seal on Tsunade's forehead?

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There's not even an article on Masashi. Maybe there's a chance that Tsunade can use Shodai's abilities in the manga? What is the story with the seal on Tsunade's forehead?

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