Silvia stena

silvia stena
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Silvia Stena keep herself physically or mentally busy at all times, and she feels better spending time outdoors and eating natural foods. She has great ability to put thoughts into action, and there is no wait once she sets her mind on something. Her good health and physical stamina allow her to work long and hard for anything that she believe in, and quite often for material rewards. An American former actress on her way to become a nutritionist, and is best known for playing the alien Kes on the television series Star Trek: Voyager , , and for voice acting Elle on the TV series Men in Black: The Series During February 7th , Silvia Stena's momentum slows. She was born on Wednesday August 24th , in Budapest, Hungary,. An American restaurateur, model, author, and television host, who authored three books concentrating on recipes and presentation, owned multiple restaurants called B.

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Mira. Age: 32.
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For Stena, today is a good day for hugging and kissing, and focusing on people rather than on material things.

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Giselle. Age: 20.
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M/S Stena Spirit

When employing her considerable inner strength, Stena uncovers her enormous power and abilities to direct difficult situations toward her own goals. Silvia Stena is a practical and down to earth person that can think through any situation or problem. More flavors to Silvia's personality. Other female celebrities born on the same day as Silvia Stena.

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