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The space is clean but empty. For Zoe, clients most often ask to see her tattoos. The turn-ons are unpredictable. The "set" consists of a light muted against the ceiling and a single handheld camera fixed on Zoe. Two attractive young women share a leather loveseat while watching a muted MTV show. Brandon doesn't seem surprised at Staci's leap into the industry.

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Monserrat. Age: 21.
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When I say I need to take a few photos for the paper, Zoe is topless before I even remove my camera lens.

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Karter. Age: 27.
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Brandon takes the opportunity to remind her that if she gave him more notice that she was coming into Tampa, he could have planned more work. She performs both with her husband and alone 15 to 20 hours a week. Staci becomes excited about getting her own tattoo.

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