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Anyone here have a list or something like that? Goten and Trunks are just typical boys. User Info: CruorComa CruorComa 6 years ago 3 I'd like to think it's possible to have great friendship to the point of unofficial kinship without things getting sexual. I've just noticed a trend of relationships that could be considered or interpreted to be homosexual in the DBZ universe. Goten and Trunks Tien and Chiatzu There are a lot of others that are suggestive, if not outright homosexual. Keep me logged in on this device. It's just early social development and partially comfort.

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Homosexuality iN DBZ?

More topics from this board Tien and Chouzu are never really implied to be anything more than training partners, but they are never apart so I guess I can see why people think it. Anyone here have a list or something like that? This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards.

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