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How to change modes: Trace finger over full ring to open interface menu. It did not appear on the end portal either, she used her other hand to touch the end portal and could feel the tip of her fingers, as if her finger had gone invisible. How did it do it, Who made it and numerous other questions arose. It seemed she remembered clearly the events of last night. Looking at the mirror with her mouth wide open, she saw the white outline of the glowing portal. She returned to her bed and decided to sleep herself, but couldn't help but stay awake.

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Aliya. Age: 21.
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The petite, black haired girl greeted her with a bow.

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Marisol. Age: 26.
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. It was a longer walk but she liked it for there would be less noises. While some human activist would urge her to go against this enigmatic group and show the world the amazing piece of tech, she had no desire to do so. She quietly snuck back to bed, but not before fingering herself one more time.

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