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Speciation with gene flow frequently requires assortative mating, which may be mediated by various sexual signals and cues. Due to practical constraints, measurements for some individuals could not be taken weight and standard length of 6 out of 77 females and of 2 male pairs out of 84 pairs; bar and spot counts of 10 male pairs out of 82 pairs. Male behavior during min observations. To quantify the degree of assortative mating of females of either species, we used the following:. We found no support for this effect although the males of the 2 species did systematically differ in a few characters. This assortativeness broke down after color differences between the males were masked despite the availability of other possible species-recognition signals. Olfactory mate recognition in a sympatric species pair of three-spined sticklebacks.

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Differences in weight, size, number of vertical bars, and egg spots between males in a pair were tested with Wilcoxon signed-rank tests.

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Yet, the evidence that species differences in sound can influence assortative mating is weak Amorim et al. The AMI was tested against 0. In most cases, where less than 15 eggs were present in the egg collector, females could not reliably be identified to have spawned and hence the replicates continued.

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