The broken bcs system sucks

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It was like I was trapped in a nightmare and everyone transformed to their alternate First Take selves. Kirk Herbstreit was yelling at me about the affront to humanity that was 15 Northern Illinois qualifying for the Orange Bowl to face Florida State. Jesse Palmer and David Pollack were feigning surprise and shock over the news of NIU's berth that was broken hours earlier in the day.

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A computer should have picked the winner. The nation's best bowling team is determined at the lanes. The best swimming team settles the score in the pool.

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The long national nightmare that was the BCS is no more. Inwe enter the era of the College Football Playoff. In the olden days, before the BCS system, so many things had to line up just right for there to be a consensus National Champion.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Can't confirm that a frost warning has been issued in Hades, but seems like as good a day as any to try and fix the broken, busted, bad BCS. My Observer bloggin' buddy Dave Faries has his plan, and I think you'll agree it beats the heck of our current system.

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Can it be fixed? Should it be fixed? And if so, how?

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Of all the ridiculous aspects of the BCS system, the conference championship game pisses me off more than any other because it points out the flagrant hypocrisy of the college presidents. In the same time period when they've fought a college football playoff because of the time it would add to the season, they've added conference championship games and a 12th game to the regular season. But that's not the only reason.

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The human element is used is as follows: First, take the Harris Interactive, which includes voters. All voters vote on teams and points are awarded on a reverse basis, 25 for a first-place vote, 24 for a second-place vote, 23 for a third-place vote, and so on until one point is awarded for a 25th-place vote. If all voters decided to vote one team first, the team would be awarded times 25 points, or Harris Poll Points.

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Ok, I normally wouldn't write about sports unless the Dodgers win the World Series, in which case, watch out but this pisses me off major. Five years ago, the Ducks were the 2 team in the nation, but that BCS was so screwed up, an inferior Nebraska team got to play for, and get smeared in, the national title game. The BCS "fixed" its system after that, finding even better ways to have the wrong teams play for the championship. This year, the problem is not the Ducks being out of the title game but out of the BCS entirely.

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I read the whole article and I agree in expansion. Take it to 8 teams. All five P5 conference champions plus three at large.

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I repeat: there is NO playoff. The Associated Press does sports writers and they cumulatively vote for who they think is the best team and that team earns a faux championship. The mathematical equations that are used to determine the bowl matchups are transparent but completely convoluted so no one really pays attention. And the funny thing: all college football fans agree the system is broken but it seems to never get fixed.


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