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Troi is half-human, half- Betazoid and has the psionic ability to sense emotions. Throughout most of the series, she holds the rank of lieutenant commander. In the seventh season, however, Troi takes the bridge officer's examination and is promoted to the rank of commanderbut continues as counselor.

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As I grew up into a fully fledged nerd, I continued to think Troi was the coolest, but I found out that an awful lot of people disagreed with me incredibly passionately on the topic. A lot of these critiques are valid. Troi was originally envisioned by Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry as having three or four breasts.

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Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Were Riker and Troi having casual sex during the series?

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My most cherished childhood memories are of my mother braiding my hair while we watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a young girl I was in awe of how close this makeshift family became and the variety of cultures they crossed paths with. While at times constrained by its network, Star Trek: The Next Generation has a surprisingly progressive approach to the sex lives of its female characters including main cast members counselor Deanna Troi and chief medical officer Beverly Crusher.

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Troi gives and gets the feels. It seems her fabled Betazoid blessing can also act as a millstone of a curse. Products from Amazon.

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Welcome to Random Roleswherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The actor: Marina Sirtis defied her parents to study drama as a teen, and emigrated to the United States from England alone at She even stayed home on the night Crash won the Best Picture Oscar.

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Jump to navigation. Earlier this week I posted about some of my geek peeves and one commenter brought up her frustration with gender roles on Star Trek, specifically mentioning Counsellor Troi. I may have had nightmares about the Borg for weeks, but I was also hooked on Star Trek.

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A visiting diplomat uses Deanna Troi as a recipient for unpleasant emotions, somewhat akin to what a psychic vampire is alleged to be capable of in human fiction, but in an inverse manner. The Enterprise comes to the aid of a Federation transport under attack by two ships, saving its crew and passenger, Lumerian ambassador Ramid Ves Alkar. Alkar is accompanied by an old woman named Sev Maylor whom he identifies as his mother.

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Set in the future, the original Star Trek series showed us a time where the cultural and racial tensions of the present day were long gone. Episodes commented on war, science, even religion. However, one thing the franchise has always struggled with has been the depiction of sexuality.


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