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My lawyer said that I had the best duress defense he'd ever seen. A Younger man is scared, nervous, shy, etc. After witnessing bigger stronger guys who had also fought back, be brutally attacked by more than one inmate and sexually assaulted, I was over-come with fear. Among inmates there is a debate wheather this is in fact rape at all. Meeker individuals tend to "act Gay" is how it's described here and in turn invites assault through the agressors mind. His method of approach is lending smokes and drugs to get them in debt and then asks to be repaid.

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But I do manage to get the knife away from him.

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I just hung my head low and cryed. And make that person into a homosexual then sell him to other inmates or gangs. In my opinion it is in fact rape. He has no funds for the things he needs such as soap, junk food, and drugs there are a great deal of drugs in prisons.

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