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Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif 's help to make her dream come true. Of course she won't be doing it alone and she brought her equally as fascinating boyfriend with her to the consultation—he has the words "made it" tattooed on his face—for moral support.

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Bimbo is a slang term for a conventionally attractive, sexualized, naive and unintelligent woman. As of the early 21st century, the "stereotypical bimbo" appearance became that of a brute and stupid, attractive woman, often blond and with a curvaceous figure and large breasts, possibly wearing heavy makeup and revealing clothing. It is also associated with "the dumb blonde " stereotype.

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One thing I'm sure of is that she's definitely the hottest one on TV right now. Watching her strut around in her sexy outfits is amazing, and it makes you wish you had a housewife as hot as her walking around your house. It's hard to pin down what makes her so amazingly hot.

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Rumorfix got a new red carpet interview with Courtney Stodden, which they parceled out into a couple of bite size quotes, each hysterical in their own right. Courtney is of course the 18 year-old girl who became famous for marrying a now 52 year-old washed up character actor, Doug Hutchison, when she was just We can get a clear view of her fake boobs and day glow orange spray tan. What is it with these people and horrible footwear?

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The stereotypical assumption is that blondes are dumb. These characters fit it. Extreme cases can make her the Cloudcuckoolander.

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By Helen Weathers for the Daily Mail. The common perception of model and former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan is that she is a woman of hidden shallows — a pretty, fake-tanned airhead with a 32E bust and tumble-weed for brains. Get Me Out Of Here!

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Left: The marching band. Crowded, but slightly mystifying. Velvet ropes.

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Photo by Kat Toronto. One of the more appealing elements of the BDSM lifestyle is the rigidly dual worldview. In the BDSM realm, people can always be neatly divided into groups: dominants and submissives; masochists and sadists; masters and slaves; daddies and princesses, owners and critters; and now, dolls and their makers. A new link in the expanding chain of kinks that wraps itself around the BDSM community is dollification, the practice of dressing up as a human doll and being played with, sexually or otherwise.

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America loves Jessica, Paris, Britney. But why does ditzy turn us on? Jessica Simpson is on a shopping spree.

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But instead of finding this insulting, the Welsh year-old sees it as the ultimate compliment, and has spent years trying to achieve such an accolade. Yet those undergoing 'bimbofication' - which often involves painful surgery where ribs are removed for a smaller waist as well as breast enhancement and lip jobs - are embracing the label. These posts incredibly claim to empower women, saying that looking like a Barbie can help you get ahead in life - yet one of the leading exponents of this supposedly empowering movement is - surprise surprise - a man. For many bimbos, their main goal is altering their looks to become a sex symbol - but how does this tally with female empowerment?