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She said the constant comments and assumptions eventually end up killing the relationship because of the insecurities they create. During her first few hours in the house , Paytas brought up how much she hated Jason Nash and David Dobrik, and then got into a fight with fellow contestant Dominic DeAngelis about a bed. She said it was the "worst experience" of her life and everyone who was in the house with her was "fake. Most recently, they got into a Twitter fight when Keemstar brought up Paytas' previous struggles with addiction. The video received a lot of criticism from people in the comments and on social media, who said she shouldn't make like of LGBTQ issues. She said she thought "dumbing [her]self down" would get her views, and she didn't realize that more people would watch "if I was just real and true to who I was. The first high profile relationship Paytas had on YouTube that people really started paying attention to was with Sean van der Wilt.

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She recently commented on one of Dobrik's Instagram photos , saying "Ur so hot.

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Her character Trishii , for example, was supposed to be a Japanese popstar. Paytas then filmed videos with Nikocado Avocado on both their channels where they ate take-out food and discussed everything that went down between them. Paytas began building more of an audience on YouTube when she started being more opinionated and experimenting with comedy skits, such as her video " Couples Therapy: Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson. Here's what you need to know about the teen star who tricked the internet into thinking she was pregnant.

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