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Blake moaned as liquid heat filled her backside. As if on cue, Weiss took a deep breath and joined Yang, getting on her knees. Looking to seeing Yang being the culprit, the blonde had a tender smile on her face. Moaning sluttily around the cock, no caring about Blake and Yang seeing this other side of her beginning to come out. A testament to how endowed Garnet was. Glynda makes me feel like my mother. The girls had been through many things and had stuck by each other through thick and thin.

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The two of them with a slight blush on their faces, posing seductively as they currently had on skimpy Santa-themed lingeries.

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It was primarily the reason she loved working with things. Weiss and Blake, who managed to gather what little strength she had, managed to join the pair in bed; cuddling all around the boy. Showing off the broken expression to Kali; her golden rolled halfway into the back of her skull while tears and drool streamed down the side of her face and chin.

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